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The advantages of system automation tools in remote management systems (White Paper)


1. Introduction

System automation tools are used for comprehensive systems management, job scheduling, monitoring, and control of both system and application processes. This paper discusses the general benefits of system automation tools (Section 2) as well as the benefits of particular automation tools. The particular tools examined in this section include managed antivirus software (Section 3), managed backup software (Section 4), patch management software (Section 5), and other system automation tools (Section 6). 2.      General benefits of system automation tools System...
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Examples of practices of reporting information security incidents

1. Introduction The aim of this document is to identify and analyze examples of practices of reporting information security incidents. The document was prepared by surveying various sources related to the field of reporting information security incidents. These sources include, but are not limited to, literature, laws, codes of conduct, best practices, and websites of organizations managing such schemes. For the purpose of this document, data breach notification schemes and the mandatory schemes in the European Union concerning the notification of cyber security incidents...
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The benefits of the cloud vs on-premise email archiving (Whitepaper)

  1.      Executive summary The aim of archiving email solutions is to help organizations address various concerns, such as recovering deleted email messages, providing information to courts in case of an e-discovery hearing, complying with regulations requiring installation of email archiving software. The traditional solution to these concerns is the use of on-premise email archiving. While on-premise email archiving is widely used today, there has been a recent increase in the number of organizations using cloud-based email archiving. According to a prediction made by...
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