After a successful PhD defence in Leiden, the Netherlands.

At the office.

With Rod Beckstrom (on the left), former president of ICANN, at the ICANN meeting in Prague.


Ransomware Attacks on Law Firms

hand-1278398_640 Since 2015, information security specialists have been stressing that the number of ransomware attacks against law firms has increased significantly. Firms providing legal services are attractive targets for ransomware attacks because many of them are ready to pay to cyber criminals to avoid the negative reputational consequences which arise from the failure to protect their clients’ sensitive information. Our article examining the anatomy of ransomware attacks on law firms is available here. Image: © Public Domain (Pixabay)....
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New Wave of Cyber-attacks on Banks

In the past two years, the financial world has been stunned by three major cyber-attacks on banks which were committed by (1) utilising the digital infrastructure of the targeted banks and (2) exploiting weaknesses in the systems that connect banks to the global SWIFT network. Our new article discusses the modus operandi of  (1) the attack on Ecuadorian Banco del Austro in January 2015, (2) the attack on Vietnam’s Tien Phong Commercial Joint Stock Bank in May 2015, and (3) the attack on Bangladesh Central Bank in February 2016. In...
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U.S. government white paper

A reference to an article published by Daniel Dimov was included in a U.S. government white paper. If you would like to see the reference, please go to and look at page 44. ...
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Singapore Management University

The article "Privacy Implications of the Internet of Things" written by Daniel Dimov was included in a list of recommended readings published by the School of Information Systems of the Singapore Management University. If you would like to access the list, please click here....
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Yale University

The article "Differences in Copyright Enforcement between the US and China" written by Daniel Dimov was included as a recommended reading for the course "Sensitive Information in a Wired World" offered by Yale University. For more information on the course, please click here. Photo: Adam Jones, Ph.D. - Global Photo Archive ....
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